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From an email from Gary O’Connor:

The most recent issue of the Journal of Appellate Practice & Process has an article on legal weblogs: “Legal And Appellate Weblogs: What They Are, Why You Should Read Them, And Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own” (link2).

Stephanie Tai (blueblanketblog) and I (Statutory Construction Zone) wrote the article. As far as I know, this is the first law review article that primarily focuses on legal weblogs (a few others have brief mentions–no more than a few sentences). It is available online through LEXIS now, and should be on Westlaw by July 31st.

The article mentions your weblog as an example of a blog focusing on intellectual property and technology issues.

Reminds me of Steve Martin in the movie The Jerk–“The new phonebook’s out! I’m somebody now!”


On a related note–this article, published in Corporate Counsel magazine, also discusses legal blogs.

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