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My Patents

I have prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications, for clients such as Intel Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Agere Systems, Applied Optoelectronics, Inc., General Electric, Motorola, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Sarnoff Corporation, Burr-Brown (now Texas Instruments), Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, UPS, and many others. Most of these have covered technology such as computer architecture & hardware; optoelectronics, lasers, optics; networks, data conferencing, and email; software, algorithms, video/audio/signal processing, encryption; communications/signal processing/television and cable TV technology; electronics, circuits, power; integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors, fabrication, testing, imaging; and electro-mechanical, mechanical, and oil & gas technology.

PTO Searches for Kinsella Patents

  • PTO Patent Search for Issued Patents; this search covers only patents issued with my name listed as the attorney; many others contain only the name of my previous law firm (e.g., Duane Morris) and do not come up on this search.

Selected Patents

Selected issued patents I have prosecuted (mostly in whole, a few in part) are provided below.  (Some of the categories employed below are imprecise and overlap to some degree.)

Categories: Video/Audio Processing | Optoelectronics/Lasers| Electronics/Circuits/PowerIntegrated Circuits/Semiconductors/CCDs/Imaging | Communications/TV/CATV | Computer Architecture/Hardware | Internet/Conferencing| Oil & Gas/Mechanical

Video/Audio/Signal Processing/Software/Algorithms/Encryption
  • 5,978,756: Encoding audio signals using precomputed silence (Intel)
  • 5,748,804: Method and apparatus for processing images with symbols with dense edges (UPS)
  • 5,938,773: Sideband signaling with parity bit schemes (Intel)
  • 5,986,712: Hybrid global/local bit rate control (Thomson Consumer Electronics)
  • 5,832,125: Bit rate control using short-term and long-term performance characterization (Intel)
  • 5,754,658: Adaptive encryption to avoid processor oversaturation (Intel)
  • 5,878,061: Providing serial data clock signal transitions with parity bits (Intel)
  • 5,754,742: Setting quantization level to match DCT coefficients (Intel)
  • 5,627,936: Apparatus and method for temporal indexing of multiple audio, video and data streams (Intel)
  • 5,590,254: Displaying multiple video streams using a bit map and a single frame buffer (Intel)
  • 5,485,611: Video database indexing and method of presenting viode database index to a user (Intel)
  • 5,880,734: Peripheral vision simulator for immersive 3D virtual environments (Intel)
  • 5,850,264: Pseudo interlacing in digital video (Intel)
  • 5,848,195: Selection of Huffman tables for signal encoding (Intel)
  • 5,835,149: Bit allocation in a coded video sequence (Intel)
  • 5,751,861: Reducing residual artifacts in video coding schemes with integer motion compensation (Intel)

  • 7,542,503: Distributed feedback laser with improved optical field uniformity and mode stability
  • 7,519,260: Coaxial optoelectronic device separation apparatus and method
  • 7,478,955: Modular laser package system
  • 7,468,286: System and method for securing optoelectronic packages for mounting components at a mounting angle
  • 7,290,943: Modular Laser Package System and Associated Method (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 7,226,218: Method And Apparatus For Coupling A Laser To A Fiber In A Two-Lens Laser System (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 7,010,012: Method and apparatus for reducing specular reflections in semiconductor lasers (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 7,010,013: Assembly with tapered, threaded ferrule housing for improved alignment of fiber with laser (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 7,026,178: Method for fabricating a VCSEL with ion-implanted current-confinement structure (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,263,002: Tunable fiber Fabry-Perot surface-emitting lasers (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,795,478: VCSEL with antiguide current confinement layer (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,859,481: Optically-pumped multiple-quantum well active region with improved distribution of optical pumping power (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,788,466: Multiple reflectivity band reflector (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,782,019: VCSEL with heat-spreading layer (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,765,948: VCSEL assembly with edge-receiving optical devices (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,765,939: Multiple reflectivity band reflector with non-uniform profile and laser system employing same for laser wavelength monitoring (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,763,053: Laser having multiple reflectivity band reflector (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,763,046: Method and system employing multiple reflectivity band reflector for laser wavelength monitoring (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,746,777: Alternative substrates for epitaxial growth (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,736,550: Housing for passively aligning an optical fiber with a lens (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,735,224: Planar lightwave circuit for conditioning tunable laser output (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,724,796: Modified distributed bragg reflector (DBR) for vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) resonant wavelength tuning sensitivity control (Related PCT Application) (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,697,413: Tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with tuning junction (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,696,307: Patterned phase shift layers for wavelength-selectable vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays (online WIPO version) (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,669,367: Optical fiber with mirror for semiconductor laser (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,603,184: Double heterostructure photodiode with graded minority-carrier blocking structures (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,652,707: Method and apparatus for demounting workpieces from adhesive film (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,638,773: Method for fabricating single-mode DBR laser with improved yield (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,636,544: Overlapping wavelength-tunable vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,611,543: Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with metal mirror and method of fabrication of same (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,608,855: Single-mode DBR laser with improved phase-shift section (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,560,265: Method and Apparatus For Polarizing Light In A VCSEL (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,560,259: Spatially Coherent Surface Emitting Grating Coupled Quantum Cascade Lasers With Unstable Resonance Cavity (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,549,556: Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser With Bottom Dielectric Distributed Bragg Reflector (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,455,908: Multispectral radiation detectors using strain-compensating superlattices (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,448,547: Method for determining photodiode performance parameters (online WIPO version) (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,406,795: Compliant universal substrates for optoelectronic and electronic devices (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,351,583: Multiple laser wavelength stabilization (Agere)
  • 6,323,491: Corona discharge imagine system for outdoor daylight use (Forsyth Electro-Optics)
  • 6,150,652: Corona detector with narrow-band optical filter (Forsyth Electro-Optics)
  • 6,301,059: Astigmatic compensation for an anamorphic optical system (Lucent)

Published US/PCT Applications

  • 20060056777: Method and apparatus for coupling a laser to a fiber in a two-lens laser system (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 20070036495: Modular laser package system and associated methods (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 20030213950: Alternative substrates for epitaxial growth (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 20030053512: Single lasing-reflectivity peak reflector (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 20030026532: Reflectively coupled zigzag waveguide device for wavelength locking (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 20030021327: Semiconductor surface-emitting laser with integrated photodetector (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • WO02055974: Method and Apparatus for Coupling a Surface-Emitting Laser to an External Device (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 20020163952: VCSEL with single lasing-reflectivity peak reflector (Related PCT Application; online WIPO version) (Applied Optoelectronics)

  • 6,265,919: In phase alignment for PLLs (Lucent)
  • 6,302,701: RF connector with impedance matching tab (Agere)
  • 6,239,510: Reduced impact power up/down mode in electrical circuits (Lucent)
  • 6,194,940: Automatic clock switching (Lucent)
  • 6,106,314: Coaxial jack with integral switch and shielded center conductor (Lucent)
  • 5,977,656: Switching network for circuit with multiple power sources (Lucent)
  • 5,856,903: Matching overcurrent characteristic curves (General Electric)
  • 5,821,826: Oscillator circuit synchronization (Burr-Brown)
  • 5,781,077: Reducing transformer interwinding capacitance (Burr-Brown)
  • 5,737,163: DC-AC converter protection (Burr-Brown)
  • 5,586,043: Method and apparatus for monitoring differentials between signals (General Electric)
  • 5,539,352: Low power voltage input circuit with high noise immunityand fast operating time (General Electric)

Integrated Circuits/Semiconductors/Fabrication/Testing/CCDs/Imaging
  • 6,730,538: Fabricating electronic devices using actinide oxide semiconductor materials (University of Tennessee Research Corporation) (drafted application)
  • 6,356,861: Deriving statistical device models from worst-case files (Agere)
  • 6,101,294: Extended dynamic imaging system and method (Sarnoff)
  • 6,246,971: Testing asynchronous circuits (Lucent)
  • 5,920,345: CMOS image sensor with improved fill factor (Sarnoff)
  • 5,969,758: CD offset and gain correction for CMOS image sensor (Sarnoff)
  • 6,208,190: Minimizing effects of switching noise in mixed signal chips (Lucent)
  • 6,356,132: Programmable delay cell (Agere)
  • 6,278,332: Charge pump for low-voltage, low-jitter phase locked loops (Agere)
  • 6,275,109: Low noise microphone preamplifier (Agere)
  • 6,208,177: Output buffer having immediate onset of gentle state transition (Lucent)
  • 6,204,704: Micropower, minimal area DC sensing power-up reset circuit (Lucent)
  • 6,194,739: Inline ground-signal-ground (GSG) RF tester (Lucent)
  • 6,191,963: Charge pump with no diode drop at output stage (Lucent)
  • 6,175,533: Multi-port memory cell with preset (Lucent)
  • 6,160,446: Balanced differential amplifier without common-mode feedback circuit (Lucent)
  • 6,154,046: Preconditioning input singals of logic gates for glitch-free output signal (Lucent)
  • 6,125,057: Segmented source memory array (Lucent)
  • 6,108,233: Ultra low voltage static RAM memory cell (Lucent)
  • 6,084,804: Memory row driver with parasitic diode pull-down function (Lucent)
  • 6,040,728: Active substrate noise injection cancellation (Lucent)

Communications/Signal Processing/TV/CATV/Telephone/Cellular
  • 6,590,872 (google): Receiver with parallel correlator for acquisition of spread spectrum digital transmission (Thomson)
  • 6,430,408: Allocating antenna-provided communications services (Motorola)
  • 6,320,469: Lock detector for phase-locked loop (Agere)
  • 5,943,369: Timing recovery system for a digital signal processor (Thomson Consumer Electronics)
  • 5,930,309: Receiver signal processing system for CAP signals (Thomson Consumer Electronics)
  • 5,920,354: HDTV to NTSC transcoder system (Thomson Consumer Electronics)
  • 5,878,088: Digital variable symbol timing recovery system for QAM (Thomson Consumer Electronics)
  • 5,752,080: Cable terminal unit using bit set for selectively enabling a plurality of hardware functions with some functions having a plurality of selectively enabled hardware functions (Intel)

Computer Architecture/Systems/Hardware/Data/Memory/Routines
  • 6,317,846: System and method for detecting faults in computer memories using a look up table (Agere)
  • 6,216,241: Method and system for testing multiport memories (Agere)
  • 6,175,936: Apparatus for detecting faults in multiple computer memories (Lucent)
  • 6,009,527: Computer system security (Intel)
  • 6,006,282: Blocking host input while a remote guest has input control to a host-executed shared application (Intel)
  • 5,926,644: Instruction formats/instruction encoding (Intel)
  • 5,901,285: Hierarchical erasure key protection for computer system data (Intel)
  • 5,857,088: System for configuring memory space for storing single decoder table, reconfiguring same space for storing plurality of decoder tables, and selecting one configuration based on encoding scheme (Intel)
  • 5,828,900: International multiple-byte character generator support in application sharing which distinguishes guest keyboard input from host key board and bypassing execution of the generator module when guest keyboard input is determined (Intel)
  • 5,708,846: System for retrieving initial data sequence corresponding to next data sequence while locating next data sequence when branch point is reached during current data sequence (Intel)
  • 5,649,142: Method and apparatus for translating addresses using mask and replacement value registers and for accessing a service routine in response to a page fault (Intel)
  • 5,386,233: Method for efficient memory use (Intel)

Networks/Internet/Data Conferences/Email
  • 20020073321: Fraud prevention for remote transactions (published patent application) (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 6,279,029: Server/client architecture and method for multicasting on a computer network (Intel)
  • 5,951,637: Bandwidth reservation system (Intel)
  • 5,905,862: Automatic web site registration with multiple search engines (Intel)
  • 5,903,723: Method and apparatus for transmitting electronic mail attachments with attachment references (Intel)
  • 5,771,355: Transmitting electronic mail by either reference or value at file-replication points to minimize costs (Intel)

Oil & Gas/Mechanical/Other
  • 6,220,087: Method for determining equivalent static mud density during a connection using downhole pressure measurements (Schlumberger)
  • 6,510,104: Acoustic frequency selection in acoustic logging tools (Schlumberger)
  • 6,427,125: Hydraulic calibration of equivalent density (Schlumberger)
  • 6,471,582: Adapter for coupling air duct to fan-driven vent (Applied Optoelectronics)
  • 5,417,289: Inflatable packer device including limited initial travel means and method
  • 5,469,919: Programmed shape inflatable packer device and method
  • 5,495,892: Inflatable packer device and method
  • 5,971,043: Multi-chambered booth and method for filling drums (Delta Chemical Services)
  • 5,770,267: Method and apparatus for smoothing substrate surfaces (J.M. Huber Corp.)
  • 6,138,860: Plate and glass assembly