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Tukulov Review of Rubins-Kinsella International Law Book

Latest comments on of my book International Investment, Political Risk, and Dispute Resolution: A Practitioner’s Guide published in late 2005, by Kazakh attorney Bakhyt Tukulov (Legal Department, (K’Cell) “GSM Kazakhstan OJSC “Kazakhtelecom” LLP) (from an email by Tukulov to my co-author Noah Rubins):

I’d like to again thank you for the book, as now, upon completion, I understand the real value it has. I’d advise it to anybody, who has basic understanding of and interested in arbitration, I’d definitely advise it to foreign businessmen; moreover, valuable citations and references to sources found in the book can help if deeper research of certain aspect is necessary.

The book is also very useful for its annexes as a reader can easily locate certain provisions in relevant convention and to grasp it easily. I’d say this book may easily serve as a handbook to practicing lawyers.

Another fact is that by means of this book I got considerably familiar with basics of customary international law (mainly of ICSID framework). International law has always seemed to me like vacuum to some extent as in University we have studied conventional international law only.

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