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Mozy.com Free Online Backup Service

Just an FYI–for anyone who does not have a good backup service for their computer documents and files: there’s a great service i’ve been using –I have struggled with good backup solutions for a long time. I have tried several. A few months back I stumbled across Mozy.com which I tried and love. It’s an online backup service, and does 2GB of storage FREE. It is very cool; seems to work seemlessly, and without error. I set it to backup a few times a day. The first time it backs up, it might take a day or more; but after that, each backup is incremental so it’s pretty fast. I use it at home, and also at work. For work I purchased the $4.95/month version which gives you like 30GB or something like that. For home I just use the free version. Actually you get an extra 250MB (a quarter of a GB) of space for every person you refer–I have done this and now have over 5GB of space. In fact if you sign up using someone else’s referral link, you start out with 2.25GB instead of 2GB. If you want to try it for backup purposes, click on my referral link (https://mozy.com/?code=P52E8G) to get 2.25GB (instead of just 2.0GB) free space. I’ve done a few sample backups just to test it (and one time to recover a file I had accidentally deleted), and it worked great. Highly recommended.

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