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Law Firm Blogs and RSS Feeds

Interesting article– Wall Sreeet Journal RSS feeds signal quick adoption of blogs & RSS for large law firms . The cutting-edge firms will be the first to have blogs and RSS feeds. I tried a few medium/large size and techlaw firms I know, and none of them have feeds yet. Anyone know of a list of good law firm feeds? See also Tom Mighell’s 2003 lawyer blog predictions and other articles here.

Useful law news feeds that one can subscribe to (with a good news aggregator such as SharpReader) include Law.com and LLRX; see also this guide, RSS News Feeds for Law.

Coda: Nipper writes:

The blogs I read (most of which are IP) can be found here: http://kinja.com/user/nip. From there you can extract the RSS feeds. OR, I you could import my OPML file (a file of RSS feeds that can be imported into your preferred news aggregator): http://nip.blogs.com/patent/files/exportresults.knj. You could import the OPML file into your news aggregator and then delete the non-IP blogs I read…. You could also view that knj file (it is XML) and extract the RSS Feeds…

As for blog aggregators, I use NewsGator for Outlook (www.newsgator.com) when at work and Kinja (www.kinja.com) when on the road/at home.

Stephen M. Nipper, The Invent Blog

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